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Integrated ultrasonic level gauge features

Integrated ultrasonic level gauge features

  • March 1,2021.

The principle of ultrasonic level meter is to measure the time required from the launch of ultrasonic pulse to the return of the whole process.Ultrasonic level gauge is vertically installed on the surface of the liquid, it gives the liquid level ultrasonic pulse, after a period of time, the ultrasonic level gauge sensor receives the signal reflected back from the liquid level, the signal is selected and processed through the transmitter circuit, according to the transmission and reception of ultrasonic, ultrasonic level gauge distance calculation of the liquid level sensor.Because of the microprocessor and unique echo discovery echo processing technology, ultrasonic level meter can be used in a variety of complex environments.Body ultrasonic level gauge is a kind of probe and shell combination of ultrasonic level gauge.

Two, body ultrasonic level gauge measuring principle and instrument installation principle what?

1. The distance from the transmitter surface to the low liquid level should be less than the range of the instrument.

2. The distance between the transmitter surface of the sensor and the high liquid level should be greater than the blind area of the instrument.

3. The emitting surface of the sensor should be parallel to the liquid surface.

4, the sensor installation position should avoid the inlet and outlet liquid surface fluctuations.

5, if the wall or wall is not smooth, the meter must leave the wall or wall, or more than 0.3 meters or more.

6. If the level of the surface emission sensor is less than the blind area of the instrument selection, the expansion tube needs to be added. The diameter of the expansion tube is greater than 120 mm, the length is 0.35 m ~ 0.50 m, the vertical installation, the wall is smooth, and it should be greater than the diameter of the expansion groove tube.Or you can send the pipe directly to the bottom of the tank. The diameter of the pipe is greater than 80mm, and the bottom hole is easy for the liquid to flow in.

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