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Based on quality, promote product technology upgrade - FameT electromagnetic flowmeter

Based on quality, promote product technology upgrade - FameT electromagnetic flowmeter

  • April 2,2021.

In modern society, some industries pursue economic interests at the expense of the environment to achieve economic development, which is actually a way of development of drinking poison to quench thirst and killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Although it can achieve certain economic interests in a short time, in the long run, it is bound to fail.

As far back as 2013 xi general secretary has said "green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan" theory, the better the green water castle peak, jinshan silver, it's clear the ecological environment is preferred, in either case, must put "green water castle peak", not at the expense of the cost of "hills and green" for "jinshan silver".

In view of this, with the encouragement and support of social policies, the public has also realized that only by taking the environmental protection as the guide and taking the road of industrial upgrading and transformation can we break through the existing difficulties and achieve development and progress in a wider area.

Regarding the environmental protection cause in the industrial area, when it is washed by sewage treatment, the news about sewage discharge on TV is often seen, sewage treatment and measurement have also become the key.

Electromagnetic flowmeter as an important key equipment of sewage treatment, from the point of application, also often appear in environmental protection, chemical, smelting and other industries.

In recent years, FAMET electromagnetic flowmeter can be popular in the fierce market competition, is its focus on technology, for environmental protection.

First, in order to help the cause of environmental protection, on the basis of ensuring product innovation, strict product quality control, with industry standards as the benchmark, combined with their own products and industry standards, together to ensure the stability of quality.From the product production, testing and other details to strictly control, focusing on product technology and quality, together for environmental protection.

Second, advancing with The Times of the product technology.FameT electromagnetic flowmeter since the development of production has never stopped the pace of technology, and continue to learn the core technology of foreign well-known brands of flowmeter, and try to integrate the Internet of things, big data and other new infrastructure technology into the product to establish a solid and reliable technical support.

Reliable quality for product development to provide confidence, advancing with the technology for the product to win the market.Farmit electromagnetic flowmeter will also continue to improve other aspects, always focus on technology and environmental protection, promote the development of the industry to focus on greater energy.

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